More>> About us ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd as a manufactuer of downhole tools established in 2007 for supplying drill stem testing(DST) tools which is annular pressure operated and full bore type,the factory own advanced faclilities and trained workers,all technical persons involve in the DST tools over 10 years,from year of 2009, we started to producing some well surface testing equipment i.e flowhead(surface testing tree), floor manifold, Surface safety valve as well as oil&gas manifold,transfer pump and so on.
Our tools and equipment are widely used in domestic and aborad including USA,UAE,Iran,Colombia, Brazil,India,Pakistan and so on.
Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd also as a distributor of China big factories supplying wide products which manufactured as per API standard, including drilling tools,fishing tools, well head and well control equipment,Completion tools and Forgings.
Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tolls Co.,Ltd is focusing on building long lasting business relationships with members of the petroleum industry through leadership, innovation and partnership,insist on Traceability and Serialization,each tool,equipment and each parts can be traceable and be responsible for any failure caused by quality issue.
Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd would like to cooperate with any part and do honest business,We welcome you to visit our factory and office,ZZ Top Oil Tools will exceed expectations.